Top 10 Clothing Brands in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s garment industry started the journey in the decade of sixties. However, the development of this industry continued to develop as export sector to the end of the decade of the seventies. Currently it is the largest export-oriented industry in Bangladesh. Now most of the people in Bangladesh are becoming fashionable. Because all the fashion house designers in Bangladesh are constantly giving new designs to the customers. Customers are also interested in buying the products of the fashion house after seeing various captivating designs. The scope of the local fashion industry of Bangladesh is gradually increasing. In order to meet the demand of fashionable people of Bangladesh, there are numerous clothing brands or fashion/boutique houses. New domestic brands are coming keeping in mind the huge market of 160 million people. This number is growing at a promising rate. In keeping pace with the times, some fashion houses have been established keeping in view the issues of sophisticated design and quality which have now become the leading fashion brands in Bangladesh. Today in this article we will discuss about the top 10 clothing brands of Bangladesh Aarang, Cats Eye, Richman, Yellow, Ecstasy, Rang Bangladesh, Kay Kraft, Dorjibari, Anjan’s, Bibiana.

clothing brands in bangladesh

List of Top 10 Clothing Brands in Bangladesh

1. Aarong
Aarong is an independent cooperative Organization. BRAC director Fazle Hasan Abed established Aarong on 18 December 1978. There are 21 branches of Aarong in 8 cities of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong. Aarong always emphasizes innovation which creates opportunities to lift the poor out of poverty. Aarong is at the top of everyone’s choice today to ensure the quality of the fabric as well as the production of local products.

aarong clothing brand

At a glance of Aarong:

Founded Year 1978
Founder Ayesha Abed
Branches 21 branches in 8 cities
Product types Traditional or western wearer, Kurti, Fotua, Panjabi-pajama, Lungi Shirt, Kids Wear, Bag, Handicraft, Saree, Salwar-Kamiz, Scarf, Dupatta, Ceramic, Jewellery, Fabric, Non-textile craft,Tops, Gift Set, Frock, Wedding dress, Newborn baby Set, Shoes, Gold, Silver, Pearl, wooden and other ornaments, Handicraft, Household accessories, Kantha, Nokshi Katha, Gift Items, Antic items, Leather goods etc.
Address Aarong centre, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka
Phone +88028891404

2. Cats Eye
Cats Eye is the superintendence of two clothing companies called Monsoon Rain and Unlimited. In 1980, Saeed Siddiqui Rumi and Ashrafun Siddiqui Dora founded Cats Eye. Cats Eye began their journey in the form of a small shop in Green Super Market. It is one of the popular fashion company in Bangladesh. Their mission is to create a style statement that suits the discerning individual.

cats eye fashion house

At a glance of Cats Eye:

Founded Year 1980
Founder Saeed Siddiqui Rumi and Ashrafun Siddiqui Dora
Branches 35
Product types Shirts, pants, shoes, jackets, ties, belts, wallets, caps, casual and formal dresses, women’s wear and accessories for girls.
Address 54, New Elephant Road, Minita Plaza
6th Floor, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.
Phone 9665184, 9660486

3. Richman
Richman is a brand specially designed for men. Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd is the mother company of Richman. It is one of the top fashion houses in Bangladesh and popular for men’s fashion. For a long time, they have been helping men in various ways in terms of fashion.

richman clothing brands in bangladesh

At a glance of Richman:

Founded Year 2003
Founder Mr. Mohammad Junaid
Branches 47
Product types Shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt, pant, formal pant, casual pant, denim pant, blazer, accessories etc are the trending products.
Address Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd. Homestead Gulshan Link Tower, TA – 99, Gulshan Badda link road, Dhaka-1212
Phone +88-02-9841504, +88-02-9860614

4. Yellow
Yellow is a unique name among the clothing brands of Bangladesh. This brand is very popular especially among the younger generation. It is one of the largest clothing fashion brands which is a branch of Beximco Textile Industry. In just 16 years, Yellow has a total of 19 branches in Bangladesh , including Pakistan. There are a total of 15 branches in Bangladesh and 4 in Pakistan. Among these, Bashundhara City Complex, Jamuna Future Park and Chittagong have the largest branches of Yellow. There are also online facilities.

yellow clothing brands in bangladesh

At a glance of Yellow:

Founded Year 2004
Founder Salman F Rahman
Branches 15
Product types Punjabi, casual shirts, jeans, t-shirts, fatwa, pajamas, polo shirts, coats, tops, salwar kameez, palazzo.Also available are perfumes and scented waxes for men and women.
Address Beximco Industrial Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone +8801754455533

5. Ecstasy
Ecstasy is a famous Bangladeshi fashion house. Compared to other fashion houses, it has taken place in people’s mind very quickly. The design of its clothing and accessories is very popular among the youth of Bangladesh. From its humble beginnings as a single store chain in 1997, Ecstasy has quickly become one of the nation’s largest fashion retailers. Ecstasy lifestyle store offers exclusive and trendy merchandise.

ecstasy fashion house

At a glance of Ecstasy:

Founded Year 1997
Founder Tanjim Haque
Branches 19
Product types Men’s, Women’s Apparel & Accessories
Address Banani Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone  01958-237700

6. Rang Bangladesh
Rang, country’s one of the top fashion houses, finally got split into two entities as two partners of the house parted their ways. Fashion designer Biplab Saha and his partner Soumik Das, two partners of the house, reached an agreement at the end of last year on winding up their partnership. Thus, after 21 years of its existence, Rang has been split into ‘Bishwo Rang’ and ‘Rang Bangladesh.’ Now Mr Saha is the owner of the ‘Bishwo Rang’ and Soumik Das is the owner of the ‘Rang Bangladesh’. Rang Bangladesh had come from Rang. Rang Bangladesh is continuing its legacy of 24 years. The sub-brands of Rang Bangladesh are West Rang, the Tribute, and My Bangladesh. Their main motto is to make visible our traditional heritage by colorful painting on clothing.

rang bangladesh

At a glance of Rang Bangladesh:

Founded Year 1994
Founder Soumik Das
Branches 24
Product types Shalwar, Kameez, Saree, Tops, T-Shirt, Fatua, Panjabi, pajama, Kurta, Handicraft, showpiece, household accessories, Nokshi Katha etc.
Address Shoilo Nibas Hossain Ahmed Road, Block-2 Police Line, Narayangonj-1400 Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone +880177774434, +8801984888444

7. Kay Kraft
Kay Kraft is a leading brand in the fashion industry of Bangladesh. It is a retailer and wholesaler of Bangladeshi Fashion Wear for Women, Men, and Kids. Kay Kraft makes product for fashion-conscious youngsters, especially those who prefer traditional indigenous culture.

kay kraft fashion house

Kay Kraft is a fashion design house that specialized in fashion apparel, fashion accessories, home textiles, handicrafts and weaving based products in Bangladesh. As a result, the brand is more popular among the younger generation, upper middle class, middle class and students.

At a glance of Kay Kraft:

Founded Year 1993
Founder Khalid Mahmood and Shahnaz Khan
Branches 12
Product types Saree, Salwar Kamiz , Scarf, Tops, Fotua, Panjabi, Shirt, Kids Wear, accessories etc.
Address 1Kamiz rth Adabar, Shaymoly, Dhaka
Phone +880 2-9872427

8. Dorjibari
‘Darjibari’ sets new trends with predominance of Eastern and Western cultures. It has become a popular place for supplying textiles targeting the preferences of the youth and adolescents. Darjibari is always alert and aware of their customers. They even try to bring new changes in their garment industry by accepting various suggestions from the customers about their own products. The brand believes that by fulfilling the demands of the customers through adequate cooperation, they are gradually moving to the top.

dorjibari clothing brands in bangladesh

At a glance of Dorjibari:

Founded Year 2007
Founder Md. Fazlur Rahman
Branches 35
Product types Shirt, pant, Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Scarf, Kurti, Fotua, Panjabi, Shirt, formal/executive shirt, casual shirt, D-Polo, T-shirt, Panjabi, fothua, koti, coat-blazer-suit, jacket, denim/formal/ gabardine pant, Kids Wear, Foot wear, Bag, Handicraft, trouser & men’s accessories etc
Address 4/1, Simson Road, (5-6th floor), Ambia Tower, Shaddar Ghat, Dhaka-1100.
Phone 02-57396389

9. Anjan’s
Anjan’s is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle brand in Bangladesh. Anjan’s designs, quality and official work such as paper tasks are controlled from the Siddeswari branch office. Anjan’s always tries to give the importance on quality of product, design and customer service.

anjan's fashion house

At a glance of Anjan’s:

Founded Year 1994
Founder Shaheen Ahmed
Branches 23
Product types Saree, Salwar-Kameez, Kurti, Panjabi,  Fotua, Shirt, Kid’s Wear, Handicraft, Hometex, etc.
Address Malibagh Chowdhury Para, Khan Villa, Dhaka
Phone +8802-8357754,+8802-9362019

10. Bibiana
Bibiana Fashion House’s journey began with an attempt to highlight local culture through clothing. Since its inception in November 2001, Bibiana has established itself among the top local ethnic fashion boutiques. This fashion house is one of the leading fashion brands in Bangladesh today. Bibiana attaches equal importance to the quality of the fabric as well as the raw material and design of the fabric. They are also committed to giving fair prices to the artisans.

bibiana fashion house

At a glance of Bibiana:

Founded Year 2001
Founder Lipi Khandaker
Branches 9
Product types Traditional clothing for men, women and children
Address Dhanmondi, Road No-5, House No-6, Ground Floor (Near Central Hospital), Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh
Phone +880-2-8616251


  2. Websites of each clothing brands.

Author of this Article:
Shamima Akter Riya
Textile Engineering College, Noakhali

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  1. The Bangladeshi fashion industry is actually not that big if you compare it with that of any other country. But it’s really fascinating that,the fashion industry of our country grows each year.
    By the way, this article is great, easy to read, very informative.
    Looking forward to read more of your articles Shamima Riya.
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  2. This review offers insights into Bangladesh’s fashion industry and features a wide variety of well-known brands. Aarong is the best for ethnic clothing, and Cats Eyes specializes in avant-garde fashion. Men’s fashion is led by Richman and Sailor, who offer a wide range of options. Yellow and Ecstasy are examples of young people’s preferences. Traditional values are emphasized by Kay Kraft, heritage is preserved through Rang’s prints, and Dorjibari’s high-end exports have an international impact. Aajans uses textiles to empower women.


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