Project Management in Textile and Apparel Industry

Project Management in Textile

What is project management? Project management is a management system that involves performing in the entire project by the application of knowledge, skills, methods, experience, tools, and techniques to achieve the project objectives. In a simple word, project management is maintaining a system of appropriate planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a … Read more

Garments Dyeing: Process, Machines, Advantages and Disadvantages

garments dyeing machine

What is Garments Dyeing? Garments dyeing process is a new technology for us but it is actually using in the European countries for last 70 years. It is the process of dyeing fully fashioned garments subsequent to manufacturing, as opposed to the conventional method of manufacturing garments from pre-dyed fabrics. At first this technology applied … Read more

Properties, Processing and Uses of Kenaf Fiber

kenaf plant and fiber

What is Kenaf Fiber? Kenaf is natural plant fiber. The scientific name of kenaf is Hibiscuscannabinus. It’s allied with jute fiber. Kenaf shows similar characteristics with jute. It has a unique combination of long bast and short core fibers. That makes kenaf suitable for a range of textile uses as well as paper and cardboard … Read more

Fabric Cutting Machines with Advantages and Disadvantages

fabric cutting machines

Fabric cutting is the most important step in garment manufacturing. It is totally different from general cutting. This term, fabric cutting is only applicable for garments manufacturing technology. Garment quality depends on accurate fabric cutting. Besides, fabric wastage also depends on accurate fabric cutting. For fabric cutting process, various types of fabric cutting machines are … Read more