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You can promote your products, latest product development, case study, and success story by publishing a guest post / sponsored post in Textile Blog.

We accept following related articles:

  1. Textile Industry
  2. Apparel Industry
  3. Fashion Industry
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Essay Writing
  6. Education
  7. Press Release
  8. And as per clients requirements.

We don’t include sponsored tag in post.

We take payment with PayPal or Payoneer.

Banner and link advertisement:
Banner advertisement is a good way of increasing the brand’s visibility and bringing prospects to your sales page, or demo request page. Your banner advertisement will be displayed on the webpage sidebar or/and header based on your choice.

Available Space:

  1. 300px width x 250px height at Sidebar
  2. 300px width x 600px height at Sidebar
  3. 1140px width x 100px height at below Menu bar

Note: I get tons of email asking for publishing guest post. Maximum are poor clients. That’s why don’t give answer. My request, please tell me your budget at very first email. If budget is okay for me then I will give answer. Either I will ignore email.

You can contact with us:

OR, Send email at globaltextileblog@gmail.com