Sustainable Applications of Geotextiles in Civil Engineering

Applications of Geotextiles

What is Geotextile? Geotextiles are permeable textile materials and can be woven, nonwoven, or knitted.  It’s a member of a larger family called Geosynthetics. Geotextile is one of the first textile products in the human history. It’s played a significant part in modern engineering design and maintenance techniques. Every textiles product applied under the soil … Read more

Carbon Footprint in the Textile and Apparel Industry

Carbon Footprint in the Textile Industry

What is Carbon Footprint? Carbon footprint is a tool developed by the ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) which measures the greenhouse gas emissions of a product. The measurement of a product’s carbon footprint is carried out over the entire life cycle of the same product. From the production of raw materials until … Read more