Difference between Single Jersey and Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

There are four basic structure of knitted fabric; plain structure, rib structure, interlock structure and purl structure. Different types of knitting machine required to produce these knitted fabrics. The plain structure can be produce by single jersey circular knitting machine, where the cylinder with needle revolves on the stationary cam. The interlock structure are required two sets of needles arranged in horizontally and vertically. In this article I will differentiate single jersey and interlock circular knitting machine.

Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine:
Single jersey circular knitting machine is the most used knitting machine in textile knitting industry. Latch needle, cylinder and sinker ring revolve through the stationary knitting cam systems. In these types of knitting machine, knitted fabric is in tubular form which is drawn downwards from inside the needle cylinder by tension rollers and is wound onto the fabric batching roller of the winding down frame.

Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
Fig: Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Application Area: Vest, T-shirt, Polo shirts, functional sportswear and underwear or seamless clothes (small size).

Applicable Yarn Materials: Cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artificial wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

Interlock Circular Knitting Machine:
Interlock circular knitting machine is also a very commonly used machine in country to make interlock knitted fabric. The machine has two sets of needles on two different beds, one set on cylinder one in the dial bed. These two sets of needles must be exactly opposite to each other.

Interlock Circular Knitting Machine
Fig: Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

The machine has two separate cam system in each bed needles of different length called short needles and long needles. Each cam system controls half of the needles in alternate sequences. One cam system controls knitting at one feeder and other cam, system controls at the next feeders.

Difference between Single Jersey and Interlock Circular Knitting Machine:

S/LSingle jersey circular knitting machineInterlock circular knitting machine
1Top side is open.Top side is closed.
2One set latch needle is used in the cylinder truck.Two set latch needle are used. One set for cylinder needle which are used vertically and other for dial needle which are used horizontally.
3One set sinker is used in the sinker plate.Sinker plate is not used.
4Looping diagram is likelyLooping diagram is likely
5Needles getting are parallel.Needles getting are face to face.
6Synchronized timing are used.Delay timing are used.
7Machine dia is 23 inchMachine dia is 20 inch
8Machine gauge is 24Machine gauge is 25
9No of needle 1733No of needle 3141
10No of feeder 36No of feeder 24
11Model no TSModel no SSMW
12Manufacturer: TS mechanical works PVT LtdManufacturer: Shoal sons machinery works.

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