Operation Breakdown and SMV of a Trouser

What is Operation Breakdown and SMV?
A breakdown is a list of the elements that comprise the content of a job. A garment is manufactured by a number of sewing jobs and non-sewing jobs. Jobs or activity involved in making a garment is known as operations. When you breakdown a garment, you are writing down all of the parts and all of the operations one after another, lying with the whole garment and following the process sequence. So we can say, the method of preparing operations’ list in a sequence is called as operation breakdown.

Operation Breakdown of a Trouser

SMV means Standard Minute Value. It is a predetermined time measurement used to estimate the time required to perform a specific operation or task. SMV is a common tool between fashion brands and manufacturers for discussions on cost, time and floor capacity.

A trouser, also commonly known as pant, is a garment that covers the lower part of the body, specifically the waist to the ankles. It is worn by both men and women. Trouser is a very commonly manufacturing product in knit garments. Generally, it is made by fleece fabric or single jersey, popular clothing in this generation. In this article I will explain operation breakdown and smv of a trouser with proper data.

Operation Breakdown and SMV of a Trouser:

SL No. Operation Description M/C Type SMV
1 Facing OL 013 0.350
2 Facing attachment to pocket bag SN 0.450
3 Pocket bag close SN 0.550
4 Turn and top stitch on pocket bag SN 0.500
5 Pocket bag mark and attachment front SN 0.600
6 Trim and turn HLP 0.400
7 Top stitch DN 0.550
8 Dummy stitch SN 0.500
9 Inside fly run and ready 013 0.350
10 Zip attachment to fly SN 0.450
11 Inside fly attachment SN 0.400
12 Zip finish SN 0.450
13 J fly attachment and top stitch SN 0.550
14 J stitch DN 0.450
15 Front rise attachment 015 0.400
16 Bar tack fly BARTACK 0.100
17 FR trim and inspection HLP 0.450
18 W/B joint SN 0.350
19 WB iron HLP 0.450
20 WB run stitch SN 0.600
21 Trim and turn HLP 0.400
22 Loop ready FL 0.350
23 Mark and trim HLP 0.450
24 Dart stitch SN 0.450
25 Welt attachment DN 0.500
26 Pocket bag attachment SN 0.450
27 Notch and turn HLP 0.60
28 Side tacking SN 0.65
29 Welt close SN 0.45
30 Bottom edge stitch SN 0.65
31 Pocket bag close SN 0.60
32 Bag top stitch SN 0.55
33 Welt top edge stitch SN 0.650
34 BK rise 01.5 0.45
35 Trim and inspect HLP 0.45
36 FR and BK attachment (side) 01.5 0.750
37 Inseam 01.5 0.700
38 Loop attachment SN 0.650
39 WB and body no set HLP 0.450
40 WB attachment SN 0.600
41 WB finish SN 1.000
42 Loop finish SN 0.700
43 Bar tack on loop BARTACK 1.10
44 Bottom hem SN 0.800
45 Hook and eye attachment Special 0.500
46 Back pocket button attachment BS 0.260
47 Button hole sew BH 0.260
48 Trimming and checking HLP 2.00


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