Concepts of Circular Economy in Textile and Apparel Industry

The flow diagram steps of circular economy in textile

The textile and apparel industry are one of the most polluting industries in the world. These industry’s Carbon Di-Oxide emissions are increased by more than 60% toper year nearly 2.8 billion tons by 2030. Consequently, many multinationals have inhabited the business concept ‘fast-fashion,’ producing clothing continuously and control the waste emission. It seems obvious that … Read more

Garment Manufacturing Process: Step by Step Section Wise

Garments Manufacturing Process

Garment manufacturing is a huge process. All operations are done in different departments in garment industry. It is not possible to describe briefly about apparel production. Garment manufacturing is a sequential processes such as designing, sampling, laying, marking, cutting, stitching, checking, finishing, pressing and packaging etc. In this process, raw materials convert into finished products. … Read more

Denim Industry in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities

Denim Industry in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has always known for artisans make a reputation within the garment industry from muslin to denim fabrics. Today Bangladesh ranked as the second largest denim garments producer and exporter after China. Bangladesh is exporting denim products approximately 200 million pieces per year. According to BTMA, Bangladesh has around 35 denim fabrics manufacturing mills, which … Read more

Industry 4.0 and Bangladesh Textile Industry: Are We Ready?

Industry 4.0 in Bangladesh Textile Industry

What is Industry 4.0 or IR 4.0? The term of Industry 4.0 is used to be defined, “A set of technology transformations in systems and product design, production and distribution and to describe the production process organization that are based on communicating technologies and devices.” Industrial Revolution 4.0 or IR 4.0 is a combination of … Read more