How to Remove Spots from Clothes

Generally we use our clothes many times. But in case of favorite clothes, we spend so much time from other clothes. During wearing a dress different types of stain can contact with cloth. You never see stains coming, but they seem to have you targeted! But for saving money and helping environment we have to wear same cloth again and again. So we have to remove spots or stain from cloth. There are various tips & tricks you can use to remove spots & save your clothes. But first, I will give a chart of chemicals and ingredients those help to remove spots from clothes.

Remove Spots from Clothes
Fig: Remove Spots from Clothes

The list of various ingredients to remove spots from clothes or fabrics of silk, wool, cotton and linen are given in below table:

Spot NameSilkWoolCotton and Linen
Grease, oil and waxBenzene, Benzol, Petrol, Tarpentine, Chloroform or Carbon tetra chlorideSame as silkSame as silk
EnamelAmil acid with Acetonedodo
VarnishMethylated spiritdodo
Pitch and TarBenzene, Benzol or Etherdodo
Sealing WaxMethylated Spiritdodo
Marking InkPottasium Ferocyanide solutiondodo
Acid stain (except nitric acid)1 tea spoon Aqua ammonia in 2 pints of hot soap water, 8 tea spoons Acetic acid in each pint of cold water
Alkali Staindo
Ammonia staindo
Tea, coffee and wineFirst, Pottasium permanganet solution in white silk, then Sulphuric acid solution. Hydrogen peroxide in colored silk. If the color is not fast, methylated spirit and soap.doSoap and Ammonia mixed water or bleaching solution
IronOxalic acid, Sodium hydrosulphide, cream of tarter or citric acid solution (not for colored fabrics)Same as silkOxalic acid, tetanus chloride or sodium hydrosulphide solution (for white fabric).
Copying InkMethylated spirit and ammoniadoSame as silk. For white goods, caustic soda solution.
Writing InkOxalic acid solutiondoFirst, Acitic acid solution, then oxalic acid solution.
Grass stainEther or soap and methylated spiritdoSame as silk
Mud, shoe polish, printing inkWetting in water and washing with water and then oxalic aciddodo
Direct and basic colorMethylated spirit and Ammonia or Hydrogen peroxidedoWhite fabric-tetanus chloride solution (hot). Colored fabric-tetanus chloride solution (cold).
The Ink of dish or iron panPetrolSame as silkSame as silk
BloodMethylated spirit, hydrogen peroxide with neutral soapdoSodium hypochloride
Sugar and glueWaterdoSame as silk
Food stuffsMethylated spirit
MildewSoap and lemon
IodineEucalyptus oil and hot water

Different Types of Stain and Way to Remove Spots from Clothes:

1. Catechu Stain: In order to remove the catechu stain from cotton and linen, boiling with caustic soda, first, they are treated to a solution of potassium iodide and sulphuric acid and then treated in the solution of bleaching powder and sulphuric acid.

2. Writing Ink Stain: Fresh ink stain can be removed by raw milk. By boiling milk sponge out on the stain for sometimes and then it is washed by hot water. Or spreading some salt on the stain and then rubbing with linen for sometimes and then it is washed in cold water and dried in the sun.

3. Red Ink Stain: Mixturing the full contents of an egg and then adding 2 drops of sulphuric acid with it, it is to be applied on the stain for a few times and then it is to be washed in clean water, the stain will be removed.

4. Printing Ink Stain: Five minutes after applying of turpentine, if petrol is applied, then the stain will be removed.

5. Iodine Stain: The portion of the stain need to be wet with water and then rubbing it with soda, and finally need to wash with water. Or, need to sinking in the ammonia mixed water and washing in clean water just after the removal of the stain.

6. Iron Stain: Need to apply the paste made of lemon and salt on the stain, and to wait for half an hour. Then after washing it need to be hung in the sun without wring out (squeeze out).

7. Lamp Black Stain: Stain will be removed following the process of: wetting in kerosin oil and then rubbing with dry fabric and finally soap washing.

8. Mildew: Stain will be removed following the process of: spreading salt and rubbing with lemon and then finally soap washing.

9. Motor Oil or Tar Stain: Need to keep one night after applying olive oil. The stain will be removed by soap washing the day after.

10. Perspiration Stain: By doing sponge out by vinegar or caustic soda and then washing, the stain will be removed. In case of white fabric, need to wash in borax water.

11. Rust and Ink Stain:

  1. Ammonia sulphate – 5%, water – 95%, total = 100%
  2. Oxalic acid – 5%, water – 95%, total = 100%

First, the fabric need to be treated in a. Solution, then washing and squeezing and second, need to be treated in b. Solution and washing and then squeezing. Need to be repeated a number of times if required.

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