Flow Chart of Stitching Section in Terry Towel Manufacturing

Terry towel is one type of woven fabric. It is a woven fabric of warp pile class. Construction and properties of terry towels are quite different from the regular weaving procedure. In this article I will only discuss on stitching section of terry towel production. The last step of terry towel manufacturing is stitching. In fact the procedure of stitching department is some bit same as like as a working procedure of a garments.

terry towel stitching

Flow Chart of Stitching Section in Terry Towel Manufacturing

Inventory Receiving

Role Cutting

Piece Cutting

Over Lock

Level Sewing

Quality Inspection

Folding & Packing




The working procedure of stitching section is described bellow in detail:

Inventory Receiving:
Inventory receiving is the first station of stitching section. In this section the materials are received from the wet processing department. The received materials are stored according to their batch no. & order no. From the inventory the materials are sent to the next process according to the order no.

Role Cutting:
Next comes the roll cutting section. Towels that are produced as multiple pitches in the loom; are cut in to single pitches in this section. Cutting is done manually by using knife. Here cutting is done length wise.

Piece Cutting:
In this section the towels are separated in to pitches of predetermined size by cutting from a large pitch of towel. Straight knife cutting machine is used for this purpose but manual (hand) cutting is also allowed.

Over Lock:
Its purpose is to sew the hemps of cut towels using overlook stitch in order to prevent the unraveling of the yarn from the cut edge. Plain stitch can also be used here.

Level Sewing:
In this section level is sewn in the towel. Here plain stitch m/c is mostly used.

Quality Inspection:
Next comes the quality inspection section. In this section the quality of the above mentioned departments are checked out.

Folding & Packing:
After quality inspection the towels are folded & then poly packed according to the recommendation of the Spec Sheet.

Now the poly-packed towels are kept in a cartoon & then the cartoon should be sealed.

Now the towels are ready for shipment.

Sometimes buyers recommend for Embroidery on the towel surface. Embroidery is the process of creating designs on fabric surface by means of needle & stitching thread works. Sharper designs than printing can be created by embroidery. Now a days computer controlled automatic embroidery m/c is used for this purpose. An important that is needed to be noated here is that; the towels chosen for the embroidery; should be lower in GSM, Pile Height & Pile Ratio.

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