Fashion Product Life Cycle Stages

With changing times, weather and space, fashion products are constantly changing. The product that has become fashionable today due to the changing fashion may become extinct tomorrow. On the other hand, these lost fashions are the touch of aesthetics, coming back again and again with new vigor. This coming and going of fashion trends all happens, through the fashion product life cycle.

What is fashion product life cycle?
The product life cycle is the theoretical life of a product with four stages: introduction, growth, maturity and decline.

The process by which new fashion products are introduced as well as fashion changes or promotions from the introduction to the end is called the fashion product life cycle.

First a fashion appears in the clothing industry. Gradually the fashion gained popularity. The fashion later became extinct. Over time, the extinct fashion returns. This is called the fashion cycle. In the case of clothing, fashion trends to revolve.

The steps of the fashion product life cycle:
In addition to considering the 4 stages of product life cycle introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Fashion product life cycle is also concerned another 4 categories of trends must be considered.

These are:

  1. Basics,
  2. Fashions,
  3. Fads and
  4. Styles.

Discuss the steps of fashion product life cycle:
The existence of fashion product life cycle in clothing, reaching out more than one or a few seasons, this cycles are usually expressed as a bell-shaped curve. In the case of fashion product life cycle, the patterns of profitability and the effects of marketing are described below.

Fashion Product Life Cycle

When a new product comes on the market, it is also revealed by new techniques. It is promoted through advertisements, fashion shows, fashion magazines etc. A few customers will be more imaginative than the larger part and, they spend more money buying new products. The product is initially produced sparingly and becomes of good quality. Products are invented by popular models or bands. If you want, you can create targeted ads with a professional ad creator tool.

As the popularity of the product gradually increases, the acceptance of the fashion increases. As a result, the acceptance of fashion increases, which in turn increases the production of products. During this time the price goes down a bit. Its quality tends to be less improved when acceptance increases a lot.

In this phase of the fashion product life cycle, the popularity of the product reaches its peak. At this time fashion spread all around. The popularity of the product is also lost after a specified time. This creates opportunities for new fashions. When the popularity of the product decreases a lot, its price also decreases a lot.

After a certain period of time, the popularity of old fashion decreases in the new fashion market. As a result, people get annoyed with it. As people then focus on the new fashion, the previous fashion is rejected. Fashion is usually compared to “train”. Because fashion goes fast over time. Don’t wait for anyone.

In addition to the above steps, there are 4 more stage in the fashion product life cycle. This is discussed below:

The cycle of basic clothing is much longer. It makes a difference by bringing in a little variety. Basic clothes usually mean pants, plain t-shirt. Sales are a bit low towards introduction. Because at this time the company is more busy in product promotion. As the popularity of the growth stage increases, garment companies become more profitable. It has the highest sales at the maturity stage. It later reaches the decline stage by differentiating the product.

This step looks a lot like Basic. Fashion spread rapidly at a massive rate everywhere. As a result, the growth stage is in great demand. It does not reach the decline stage until a new fashion comes along.  The new fashion is actually the extinction of the old fashion. Some time ago there was a lot of interest in palazzo for girls but pants style salwars have now taken that place.

In the fashion product life cycle, the fads stage comes as fast as it goes. It gained a lot of popularity during the introduction phase. At this time its sales are also the highest. And after a while it gets lost. Its duration is very short. Fads are usually very popular with young people.

Style is the medium of one’s own thought consciousness and one’s own creativity. The individual’s own characteristics are highlighted in it. In general, style is one of the means of expressing one’s personality. With the help of style, the personality of a person is revealed. Whenever a style is universally accepted, it is no longer a style. If it lasts for a long time, it becomes fashion and if it lasts for a short time, it becomes fad. The style of most popular celebrities and players is taken as e fashion or fad.

Fashion varies from generation to generation. Just as fashion goes away, old fashion comes to the fore in a new way. Many old clothes are being re-captured in a new form, in a new style, in the current fashion. Full of aristocracy, the clothing market is always buzzing with these touches of novelty. In this way the fashion product life cycle is not bounded by a boundary but rotates in a circle.


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Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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