Role of Fashion Merchandising in Apparel Industry

At present, the apparel industry is a major potential source of foreign exchange in the domestic economy. Because the largest part of the country’s export income comes from the apparel industry. And fashion merchandising plays an important role in this apparel industry.

Fashion merchandising is a wide range of activities that contribute to the process of getting clothes, shoes and accessories from the original design to the end customer. People with a fashion merchandising degree work in a variety of jobs, including working as a fashion buyer, visual designer, trend forecaster, or store-based sales and service representative.

Functions of Fashion Merchandising:
A fashion merchandiser creates costume and accessory designs while balancing the original style with the functionality of the designer. Then he buys new items for their buyers or retailers who promote new lines of industrial buyers. Next retailers set up visual displays to attract attention from customers, and conduct sales and service activities to help customers select the right product.

Also a fashion merchandiser does a lot of work as follows:

  1. Falling fashion trends and reviewing as such.
  2. Creating interesting designs for different wearable clothes.
  3. Collection of trends and themes.
  4. Design by computer aided design program.
  5. Participate in various fashion shows and trend shows.
  6. Taking design samples from various social media and shows.
  7. Selecting fabric trimming, coloring and style for different types of garments and trends.
  8. Meeting with other designers and team members to create a model design.
  9. Design marketing to clothing retailers and consumers.
  10. Presenting the concept to board and producing the mood in line with the current market trends overseeing the latest production of design.
  11. Meeting and liaising with textile suppliers.

Careers in Fashion Merchandising:
Career in fashion merchandising is very good in the current situation. Bangladesh has come a long way in the field of garment industry. So Bangladesh has always developed one or another textile company. In the same way, the demand for clothing is increasing and fashion merchandising plays a very important role in controlling this demand.

fashion merchandiser
Fig: Fashion merchandiser

Merchandisers are involved in all aspects of the fashion merchandising process, from design to sales. Merchandisers use their creative and imaginative copy with a combination of advertising and marketing skills. Common tariffs include analyzing market trends, overseeing production costs, overseeing sales, making revenue estimates, and selecting textiles. Many fashion merchandisers specialized in retail settings, or floor displays and layout set-up as sales and service representatives.

Various fashion merchandising fields currently exist. Each job offers a different source of income. Fashion merchandisers can act as agents or store managers for fashion advertising. Its other areas include fashion event planning, fashion product development, fashion retail location, window dressing and fashion promotion.

According to the US Survey of Labor Statistics, employment in fashion merchandising is expected to grow by about 7 percent between 2008 and 2018. Also, the websites of fashion schools indicate that advertising, marketing and sales are expected to be the best earning opportunities for a fashion merchandising career. Fashion merchandising pay varies greatly by location, skills and qualifications.

A fashion merchandiser should have some general skills. These are:

  • They have to have the ability to think about complex things.
  • Must have the ability to quickly solve various problems.
  • Fashion merchandiser have extraordinary communication skills.
  • They possess extraordinary interpersonal skills.
  • Need to have good knowledge about fashion.

Role of Fashion Merchandising in Apparel Industry
Currently, an interesting name in the technical field of textile sector is fashion merchandising. It is now a popular profession. Fashion merchandising is very easy for a apparel industry in Bangladesh. Usually the main purpose of fashion merchandising is to promote and spread a fashion. They have to do all the work to maintain the demand of fashion. They have to take care so that the acceptance of fashion does not decrease.

Fashion Merchandising is a task that is done around the world. This position requires all around created quantitative abilities, and regular capacity to find patterns, which means connections and interrelationships among standard deals and stock figures. In the fashion business, there are two diverse promoting groups: the visual marketing group, and the design marketing group.

The job of fashion merchandising is to promote the right fashion at the right time in the market. The fashion merchandising group are individuals who are engaged with the creation of design plans and conveyance of eventual outcomes to the end customer. They work with originators to guarantee that plans will be moderate and wanted by the objective market. Fashion merchandisers’ choices can impressively affect the accomplishment of the producer, fashioner, or retailer for which they work.

The future is bright for those who can pursue a career in fashion merchandising with skills and talents but there is a dearth of good fashion merchandisers in our country. Many people in our country are working as fashion merchandisers but there is an impression of incompetence in that job. Those who have Fraser, if they can enter this profession with a good mind set, their career will be bright.

Due to the demand of the apparel industry in the world market, the value of fashion merchandising profession is increasing day by day in the country and abroad. Lots of skilled lacquers are employed in the apparel industry and buying houses. Fashion merchandising is one of the most attractive career opportunities in the RMG sector. This profession is considered as the core foundation of RMG sector for building quality dignity, responsibility and good career.


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Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
College of Home Economics, Dhaka

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