What is Normal Wash | Typical Procedure for Normal Washing

What is Normal Wash?
Normal washing is the simplest type of industrial garment wash. By this type of wash, starch materials present in the new garment is removed together with dirts, hence after wash the garments feel soft during use as well as wash look effect is also observed in the garments. During normal wash on garments, washing effect could be varied by altering washing temperatures, washing time, quantity of detergent used etc. parameters.

normal wash of denim garments
Fig: Normal washing of denim garments

Normal wash process in which heavy or slight soiling is removed and transferred to the water in the form of a solution or dispersion. Washing has the effect of cleaning surfaces. The resulting effect is several physical/ chemical processes (Washing process). Washing and cleaning constitute a complex process, during which soiling is removed by means of physical separation, with or without substance conversion, from a substrate. Industrial washing processes can be categorized as solution washing, dispersion washing and reaction washing.

The normal washing of denim is intended to reduce the stiffness of the fabric and to improve its softness and wear comfort. However, in modern denim washing, the main aim of the process is to improve the visual appearance of the garments, giving them more aesthetically pleasing looks. It is with this goal in mind that laundries are producing fashionable finishes on jeans.

Typical Procedure for Normal Washing:
Following is the general procedure followed for normal washing. The garments are to be inverted to minimize unwanted abrasion streaks (especially useful when preset creases are present).

1. Ensure that the machine is clean before loading the garments in the drum. Then load the machine with garments

2. Desize the garments by using a suitable enzyme like alpha-amylase enzyme and detergent

3. Drain and remove the desizing liquor

4. Rinse with clean water

5. Fill the machine with water and heat to 60°C. The liquor ratio can range from 10:1 to 20:1. A number of synthetic detergents can be used. Also, alkaline products such as soda ash or caustic soda can be added in amounts ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 g/l. Some chemical suppliers offer special products that accelerate the wash down process, depending on the particular dyestuff used.

6. Wash/tumble action for 20–60 min, depending upon the desired effect

7. Drain and rinse

8. Apply softener

9. Tumble dry

10. Invert garments, if previously turned

11. Press, if required

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