Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturing Techniques

Classification of nonwoven fabric based on manufacturing techniques

Definition of Nonwoven Fabric: Fabric is manufactured in three ways; weaving, knitting and nonwoven process. Among those processes nonwoven is comparatively latest process of fabric manufacturing. Nonwoven fabrics are one type of textile fabrics or a manufactured sheet made of a fibrous layer, which may be a carded web, a fiber web, or any system … Read more

Application of Natural Fiber Nonwovens

Natural Fiber Nonwovens

What is Natural Fiber Nonwovens? Nonwoven technologies are useful for the development of novel materials and products in shorter and comparatively faster rate than those attainable in conventional weaving and knitting. Furthermore, nonwoven techniques engineer the final product with superior specific properties. Owing to their specific properties, lower costs of manufacture, nonwovens open up new … Read more