Product Safety Requirements for Children’s Clothing

Safety Requirements for Children’s Clothing

Product safety requirements for children’s clothing are an extremely important issue in the apparel manufacturing sector. The manufacturers are always committed to maintain children’s clothing safety. To avoid potential hazards they maintaining safety standards such as button, zippers, drawstrings, fasteners, decorative attachments, and so on, must not pose any kind of harm to children during … Read more

Role of Clothing for Maintaining Body Temperature

role of clothing

Role of Clothing: Clothing is the most important necessity of day-to-day human life. Without food a person can survive for few days but without clothing it is no possible to survive in the civilized environment. The role of clothing are multipurpose. For example, to protect human body from different environmental conditions, to lead civilized life, … Read more

Application of Textile Materials for Protective Textile

protective textile

What is Protective Textile? Protective textile used to be protected the human body from environmental hazards. The main purpose of it is to improve people safety in their workplaces. A protective fabric can save a worker’s life. The aim of protective textile product isn’t fashion; it’s designed to get extra values in protection, against various … Read more

Size Doesn’t Matter What You Wear

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Gone are those days wherever we’ve got a plan concerning excellent figure or size zero kind. Within the past, over-sized class was leave unobserved, however it’s finally obtaining the due attention from international and domestic retailers. Many of us waste a lot of time worrying about the size of our bodies and what she wear. … Read more

Functional Clothing: The Next A Buzzword in the Fashion Industry

Functional clothing

What is functional clothing? Functional clothing ­is a very exciting segment of the technical textiles. It may be defined as a generic term that includes all such types of apparels that are specifically designed and engineered to deliver a pre-defined performance or functionality to the user, over its normal functions. Functional clothing items such as … Read more