Long Term Vs Short Term Fashion Forecasting

Any fashion changes very fast and that is why it is so important to have an idea about fashion forecasting. Long-term fashion forecast reveals fashion for a long time (minimum 5 year). Short term fashion forecasting, on the other hand, provides insights into short-term fashion trends. These two types of forecasting present fashion in a beautiful way in front of the consumers. The emphasis is on fashion forecasting to enrich the textile industry.

Fashion Forecasting

What is Long Term Fashion Forecasting?
Long term forecasting takes fashion in a wide range. It gives also a nice idea of ​​what fashion can come or stay up to 5/10 year. It focuses on the needs of the consumers and predicts fashion. In addition, this type of forecasting does not only depend on the needs of the buyer, it also conducts forecasting considering the quality of life, economic, social, and even political situation. As a result, such forecasting lasts for a long time.

What is Short Term Fashion Forecasting?
This type of forecasting gives an idea of ​​what kind of fashion will be at the top of popularity for a very short time. It usually lasts from one season to another. In this type of forecasting, the effect of color can also be seen.

Difference between Long Term and Short Term Fashion Forecasting:
Fashion forecasting is done by emphasizing the ongoing fashion trends. Many times clothes of the same pattern can also be popularized by presenting them through different designs which can become fashionable at some point. Again many fashions last for so short a time that they turn into fads. Considering these areas, there are several differences between long-term forecasting and short-term forecasting. This is also discussed below:

Long term fashion forecastingShort term fashion forecasting
It predicts fashion for a long time.It predicts fashion for a short time.
The duration of such forecasting is 5-10 years.Short term forecasting is often lost from one season to the next.
Long-term forecasting is especially affected by the quality of life of the people.The quality of life in short term forecasting is not a fundamental issue. In this case, the demand of the fashion designer is given more importance.
Long term forecasting is done considering the geographical location, economic, social and even political aspects of a country.Short term forecasting is done depending on the current fashion trends.
Since the time limit for long-term forecasting is much longer, it is easy to get an idea about the fashion trends.Since this type of forecasting is done for a short period of time, the design or fashion that comes during this time is quickly lost.
In long term forecasting, the demand of the buyer or consumers is given the highest priority. The fashion that is most popular in the market is given more importance.Since such forecasting is done for such a short period of time, it is not possible to give equal importance to everyone’s needs.
Since such forecasting is done for a long period of time, many businesses depend on it.In this case, since the idea of ​​fashion is given for a short period of time, any business may not be based on it.
New fashions are more likely to be popular which is seen as a trend.In this case more fad is seen.
In this case, besides thinking about the current contemporary fashion, one should also have an idea about the fashion of the past.In short term forecasting, color and design are given more importance. It depends a lot on this.

While there is a big difference between long-term and short-term forecasts, they both give a good idea about fashion. With this, it is easy to know what kind of fashion is going to come in the future, which can be said to be the prediction of fashion in one word. Fashion designers need to have an idea of ​​which fashions are new and which have been around for a long time. When all this is brought under research, it will be possible to make predictions about fashion easily. Because by doing research one can easily realize what kind of fashion is going to come in the future, what kind of fashion will be able to attract most of the people? If one has an idea about forecasting, the new designs that come in the market easily become popular. And the designer wants his design to be easily accepted as a fashion.

The impact of both long term and short term forecasting is unparalleled in the textile industry. It plays an important role in inventing new fashions in the market according to the demand of the buyer. Long term and short term fashion forecasting is seen in all garments starting from clothing to jewelry, shoes, bags. This helps the buyer to be far-sighted as the buyer can easily become interested in fashion.


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