Kevlar: A Fiber has changed the War Industry

Kevlar fiber

If anyone asked out about the bulletproof vests, armor, protection, space suits, or formula one helmet, the Kevlar name rings a bell for almost everyone. Cause, Kevlar fiber, which has changed the war industry as well as history. This fiber is widely used for manufacture protective clothing. With the advancement of science, scientists are making … Read more

Flame Retardant Fabric: Treatment, Types and Application

Flame Retardant Fabric

What is Flame Retardant Fabric? A flame retardant fabric is a special kind of technical fabric that avoids fire spreading. The special feature is that its flame-retardant features reside in its composition materials and don’t depend in any case from a finish. It can be chemically insert into the polymer molecule or physically blend in … Read more

Application of Textile Materials for Protective Textile

protective textile

What is Protective Textile? Protective textile used to be protected the human body from environmental hazards. The main purpose of it is to improve people safety in their workplaces. A protective fabric can save a worker’s life. The aim of protective textile product isn’t fashion; it’s designed to get extra values in protection, against various … Read more